The Ayurvedic Approach to Skincare

The other day, my friend asked me to look at a product’s ingredient list to see if there was anything harmful. All the ingredients...

Traditional Medicine and the Miraculous Healing Wonders of Sesame Seeds

Before capitalist exploitation of lands took a grip on the planet, people lived in general harmony with their environments. Plants of all sorts were...

Awakening Desire: Recipe by AyurMama

Traditional cultures the world over introduce small amounts of “something special” to meals to awaken appetite and support digestion. In India, Ayurveda–the Science of...

Turmeric: Color of Gold, Queen of Spices and Cure for All

Traveling through South India and Sri Lanka one of the greatest pleasures was smelling the fragrant beauty of preening rituals. White pearls of jasmine nestled...

Fly Me to the Moon Chocolate

Sometimes I look at people's gorgeous food pictures on Instagram and think to myself, "I'll never make the time to make that." (Note the...

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