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Some people feel the rain and others just get wet….

Life has its own seasons each with varying degrees of up and downs; there are blissful days basking in the sunlight while laughing merrily with carefree cheer. Then there are the soul-wrenching days; dark and dreary. When crawling into a ball and hibernating, wishing the time away seems more fitting but somehow we pull ourselves up and out, push a little harder and carry on.

It takes a certain kind of soul to dance and find joy in the midst of a storm.  A soul that finds elation during the constant dust like a downpour of an Eastern Cape torrential rain and finds comforting delight as a dark dreary Cape Storm rages causing havoc with its howling winds. This beautiful soul dances with such mystical enchantment knowing that she is the sky and everything is merely the weather. She knows that come what may, it too shall pass. She knows too well that seasons are inevitable… The sunshine will fade into cooler days and even the darkest thunderstorm will blow away. What matters is not the weather but rather how she receives it.

Most are bewildered and amused at her enthusiasm to find delight an joy regardless of the rain. They wonder how she is able to dance and sing in the torrent; why she glows during a downpour, twirling with such elegant grace as her world is seemingly in a chaotic storm?

How does she do it – she knows that within her is a greater strength, she is stronger and more fierce than any storm raging outside of her. She knows that she has conquered and weathered the wildest storms and because she has overcome them she has risen stronger and wiser; she delights because she knows that through each passing storm, she grows.

It is in knowing; that through her storms, she learns how truly resilient and unbreakable she is – So she dances. She dances in her power, and twirls with sheer delight because she is the storm!

Inspired by Liyana and the many beautiful souls who embrace the storms of life and dance in the rain!


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