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Our vision, along with the Child Labor Free organization, is a world free of child labor. Since 2016, we have been taking on one of the world´s toughest issues and challenges, as it has been stated by UNICEF that approximately 150 million children worldwide are engaged in child labor.

Products certified with the Child Labor Free mark provides assurance that brands carrying that mark are committed to operating ethically and ensuring their business is free of child labor. As CLF puts it, and we agree, this is a consumer-led movement for positive change. Today, we are proud to say we are continuing our journey, our CLF mark continues its work towards a safer environment for children and their families.

Child Labor Free provides a globally recognized mark of certainty. You can now choose to buy Child Labor Free.

Show your support.  Buy from brands that have joined the journey. 

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Original post by HOPE Made In The World can be read at https://hopemade.world/blogs/news/hope-made-and-child-labor-free.


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