Thereʼs a New Moon happening Saturday, 3/17/2018 in Pisces at 6:11am PDT. This is followed by the Spring Equinox Tuesday, 3/20/2018. Spring Equinox is a time of year that is symbolic of hope and new beginnings.

The New Moon is happening in Pisces in Poorvabhadrapada Nakshatra which is the constellation between 20.1 Aquarius and 3.20 degrees Pisces, this is part of a nakshatra pair Purva and Uttara. The Planet that rules this constellation is Jupiter and is symbolized by a two faced man and the deity is the Ajaikapat which is a naga, divine serpent or fiery dragon. Ajaikapat is associated with the destructive part of atmosphere, such as, lightning, fires, storms and floods. Lightning is shakti or prakriti, It is a prakritic or action oriented and materialistic star. They make great teachers, writers, helpers, counselors, researchers and they hold a lot of wisdom and knowledge. This nakshatra symbolizes being troubled by wealth and material pleasure. Poorvabhadrapada has to do with our desire to move beyond the material realm to the spiritual. In addition, it is considered ugra or very strong. The image for this nakshatra is a fiery dragon, burning and looting. People that are heavily influenced by this constellation in their chart are sensual and have a lot of magnetism and wealth. It is also a stormy and destructive lunar mansion. Many times these people are spiritual but despise materialism or they can be destroyed by materialism. This is a sign of going beyond the material and also that true wealth is spiritual.

Spring Equinox is happening at 3/20/2018. The Spring Equinox will be in Bharani Nakshatra in 13.21 to 26.4 Aries. Bharani is a very strong and powerful nakshatra. This nakshatra is the bearer. This nakshatraʼs symbol is the Yoni and it is ruled by Lord Yama. Yama is the God of discipline and restraint, that is why he is qualified as the God that judges people. With this nakshatra you get what you give and also no pain, no gain. Like bearing a child, nothing good comes that isnʼt hard earned. Although Aries is ruled by Mars, this particular nakshatra is ruled by Venus. They represent bearing something, such as a mother and a child and the strength to bare a child. This nakshatra is also considered ugra and very powerful. People that are heavily influenced by this constellation are powerful initiators and they take on and absorb others pain. They also preserve energy. They are a more feeling and compassionate degree of Aries. They make good psychologists, nurses and care givers. I see this Spring Equinox happening on the sacred yoni nakshatra as a rebirth, that we are giving birth and it is up to us with our choices and clear intentions on the New Moon and with our actions, what we create. Tune into the cosmos and consciousness and set some clear intentions on this powerful Spring Equinox.

The New Moon is when we set intentions around what we would like to cultivate and Spring Equinox symbolizes new beginnings, fertility, planting seeds and abundance as well. Ostara, the Goddess associated with Easter and Spring Equinox watches over the plants and seeds so that they can grow. I would like to recommend that we take some time on the New Moon happening 3/17 and connect with source about that which we would like to see come to fruition. The New Moon will have powerful prakriti and shakti and the Spring Equinox and Bharani will be the opening for our dreams to be birthed. Both of these events are happening in very powerful nakshatras.

It is auspicious during Spring Equinox to take part in rituals. You can plant seeds infused with your wishes and spend sometime outdoors enjoying nature. It is also a time of celebration, gathering with friends, eating and drinking honey mead. Itʼs auspicious to gift your friends, rose quartz, citrine and beryl. It is also beneficial to do 108 sun salutations or your version of that, meaning as many as you can do that you think is challenging. My sister and I have a brand called Sacred Forest Designs that makes intention candles. We have a special edition candle available called Spring Equinox. This candle is infused with flower and gem essences, crystals, essential oils and organic herbs to help you set intentions and manifest your dreams. Many blessings for wish fulfillment to you and yours this Spring Equinox.

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Painting “Girl with Rabbits.” Frederick Stuart Church 1886