” Music can change the world
because it can change people.”
–  Bono 

Listen. Relax. Move as your body desires. Allow these rhythms, beats, words, sounds and emotions to dance in the space around you ~  Invite the songs that call to you to go deeper, allow them to penetrate your life and take you on a journey ~

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Ashira was born in the snowy mountains of Salt Lake City, Utah. At 18 years old she made her way to Boulder, Colorado to attend Naropa University - a Buddhist inspired liberal arts school. She is a world traveler, a social entrepreneur and a creative wild wemoon. Her heart resides in India with her extended family NGO STOP (stop trafficking and oppression of people) and she spends a significant time in India and Nepal working with young women and children rescued from human trafficking. 5 years ago, Ashira met her soulmate and they started Jewel and Lotus together with a dream to create a better world for the future generations. Around the same time, she started Salila Rising: Threads for Freedom, an ethical fashion brand created in collaboration with STOP.


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