As the summer flickers and the winter soothes, this August will too. Through the might of the downpour of a needed energy, a revitalized version of an outlook returns.

This outlook is connected to a second chance, a chance that talks to us about patience.

Did we burst our favorite balloon? A little too soon? Last months stars would say so!

Perhaps we over anticipated something that then took us away from our instinctual knowing, forgetting that the situation would have been a lot easier, if we held patience’s hand.

The question of this month’s sky is, how much space are we allowing for our own natural progress? Just because everything is speeding up on an outer level, doesn’t actually mean that we should too.

August needs to be appreciated and the more we create space to experience the energy, the easier we will get to live the blessings.

The nobility that comes from being the best example that you can be, (when no one is actually watching) is a gift that coincides with the final Eclipse of 2018. So, please do try it. Nobility is delicious.

Because this Eclipse is a Solar Eclipse in Leo, closely aligned with Mercury and his retrograde, I feel like everyone should consider a silence retreat. This is not a joke, the less we say between the 6th and 14th of August 2018 the better. The ambience is calling for a return to a silence like never before.

How will you connect with the final Eclipse of 2018?

Worthy of a note down is that the partial Solar Eclipse on the New Moon will be taking place on the 11th/12th of August 2018. This Eclipse will last for approximately 4 hours and can be seen mostly in Russia.

No Eclipse comes without change and the potency cannot be underestimated. Work with Leo the Lions presence, to be a generous protector and a patience-bearing example, so that the real fresh start can take place.

The motherly softness will be felt as the month comes to a close and the heat of all we were anticipating won’t be the urgent call that initially shot out through our lungs! We will reconsider the urgency and instead, take the newfound directions that came from a generously patient month.

I see a healthier character, a healthier stance for the individual, should we give into the flickers and the soothing arrival of this month called August.

Wishing you all a pacifying post Ecliptic season with much delight.

Love and a sky hug,


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