The texture of love can be found within many colors, the colors of natures call for companionship, the shades of the seasons changing and the gift of life in a mother’s belly.

How do we define love? A love that encompasses all the blends, chances and finale’s? Do we surrender to the mystery behind the emotion or do we start to approach this ever-giving medium of enchantment a little differently?

September is all about the LOVE. The love that serves us, self-love, compassionate love, unconditional love and sacred love. The love that frees us from the shackles of the ego and turns us towards the brightness of connection.

How do we express love?

Are we singing a positive song as the dawn breaks or do we prefer to lay in bed and ignore the glory of what a new day can bring?

….many of us awake each morning without really connecting with the capacity to express love. Love should be expressed upon rising, through the act of gratitude for a new day. Love can be felt through the rays of the sun or the loyalty we receive from all the birds chirping. Let September teach us how to express and receive love through all of which we take for granted.

The New Moon in Virgo that took place on the 9th of September continues to encourage love in-all-its-colors and proceeds to influence us through the “joy of living.”

The heart expanding planet Venus, shifted into Scorpio on the 9th of September and will provocatively promote relationships of a spiritual and enigmatic nature.

Mars makes his controversial return into Aquarius on the 10th of September and has us surprising our own instincts! We will be covered in serendipitous moods as the month unravels which will lead us to grand declarations of love, come the full and fiery Moon in Aries on the 24th of September.

Do take a careful note of your dreams from the 25th of September as Chiron will be starting an interesting movement in our skies that will provide insight into past life relationships and how to heal them.

Let the days leading up to the very end of the month enable the heart to rediscover all the gifts the colors of love can bring.

Love is everywhere, Love is in everything and most importantly it is thriving from the LOVE you bring, you bring to each and every instance.

Born from loves light you were and returning to that perfect place you will. Happy, glorious Virgo and Libra season dear ones.

May all be auspicious!

Love and light,


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Born into a lineage of Mystics, Soothsayers, Astrologers and Healers, Tashi Dos Santos (TarotbyTashi) grew up infused with the wisdom of the Ancient Greek, Algarvian Gypsy and Iberian Traditions. Trained from a very young age in Astrology and Divination, Tashi has practiced these continuously throughout her life. In 2010 at a Monlam ceremony in Bodhgaya, India, presided over by her lifelong teacher Dzongsar Jamyang Khyentse Rinpoche, she had the confirmation that Astrology and Divination were indeed her life’s work. She has done this work professionally ever since! Tashi has exchanged with innumerable beings, from all around the world and from all walks of life, from business leaders to royalty, to exalted spiritual teachers. Her offerings include various forms of Divination, Astrology, Mystical Tours, Divine and Sacred Feminine Workshops and the art of Sacred Scent making. In the process, she has embraced the Gypsy wanderer in herself, living as a citizen of a world without boundaries, always traveling and taking work with her wherever she goes. It is her heart's wish to continue to connect, to share her deep love of Astrology, Divination and respective gifts and to do her absolute best to serve beings and truth in its divinest of forms.


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