Brown Boy has always been in the forefront of activism and change. As a brand we have always taken up challenges to tackle human right issues without worrying about the backlash or negative brand image.

Be in standing up for labor rights (going 100% fair trade) or environmental rights (100% organic) – we have taken this a top forward by actively including basic human rights into our narrative. Recently my friend from school and I collaborated on a capsule collection where we spoke about LOVE – in all its forms.

One particular t-shirt highlighted love which goes beyond the hetero-normative meaning of it. Featuring two people just about to kiss – for some it may look like two men – for some two women and for some just two people in love.

Now normally this t-shirt would not create a big issue – in countries where it is okay to say – “I am attracted to men” – but in India where one can be imprisoned for 10 years just cause he or she is gay – this t-shirt becomes a big deal. It becomes a movement – a statement – a proclamation.

We need to stand up for love – regardless of the gender of people involved. In countries where its particularly restricted. And where it is accepted we need to embrace it.

But as I said – Brown Boy has never let fear come in the way to say what we wanna say and stand for as a brand. This t-shirt is handprinted using 10 different screens. It is made from 100% Organic Cotton and is Fair Trade. It is quite a tedious process to get this t-shirt made keeping in mind the details and colors. It is a limited edition piece only available on pre-order.

Price – $60 – Pre Order.



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