The journey of yoga is a quest for discovering the wholeness that we already are. We are seeking purpose and meaning in the great unfolding mystery that is life. Yoga is more popular than ever before in Western culture. This comes as no surprise in a chaotic world of political upheaval, natural disasters, where children must be taught that carrots are from the ground not a grocery store, where dis-ease is ever prevailing, and where our neighbors are struggling to feed their families. It is no wonder that as the earth rumbles, we rumble. The prana, the lifeforce, the air we breathe is that of the trees. The water that cleanses us and makes up 70% of our body is that of the rivers. We are literally made of each other.

Yoga by definition: a union, connection, to yoke.

As a large scale society, we are a tide that has lost its connection to the moon, or a river forgetting which way it flows to the ocean. Our health is dependent on our Mother earth, and Her health is dependent on us.

The yoga of nature is calling us forward to take a deeper look into our own
psyche to see that all things are interconnected. This depth can be found in the silence of solitude within nature. It’s only in this place of stillness that we can hear Her message. The yoga of nature invites us to move beyond the shallow shores and into the ocean of mystery and unknowing. Within that unknowing is a surrender to the guidance that is offered without need to control an outcome, but rather, a place of open curiosity. We learn to navigate transition like a migrating bird who instinctively knows without question where to find the warmth and where to be nourished.

It doesn’t matter where you live, urban or rural. Take the time to glide your hand through the air and feel the wind dance between your fingers. Feel the space between objects, see if you can feel the substance of each air molecule. Feel the softness of a flower as you pass by. Take awe in the radiance of the sun shining through a leaf overhead. Allow your body to sink deeply into the earth and feel the roots of your heart connect with Her. Take time to pause and stand still in unmoving silence. What do you hear? What do you feel? Can you feel Her breathing with you, through you?

To feel the breath of wildness come into your body is to reclaim your natural wholeness. It is to be enfolded by fields of grasses and held by the mountains’ slow and steady strength. It is to hear in your own heartbeat the thunderous roar of the ocean, reminding you that your life still belongs to the wild Earth. All you have to do is reach for Her.
– Mary Reynolds Thompson, Reclaiming the Wild Soul

There is no step by step how to guide or pose that will connect you with nature, because you already are. All you have to do is stop, take notice, and breathe. Let Her waves pull you closer.

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Meghan is a wild animal at heart & soul, the kind that runs playfully through the forest, lays in the grass pondering life, and gets her hands dirty in the earth. She is an ally, friend, mentor, teacher to those who are the artists, the wanderers, the seekers, to all curious hearts that feel the tug of something greater than the conventional narrative. Her adult story is one that includes traveling through various mountain ranges, seashores, and exploring the the urban wild. In Colorado she became an avid rock climber, alpine trail runner, and lived out of a van traveling the Western states living of off nothing, yet having plenty. Meghan challenges the misconception that the wild can only be awoken in the high peaks or back country solitude. She sees the wild human connection can be attained no matter what your surroundings are; the urban hustle, quiet country side, or suburban life- all you need to do is learn the tools to create the opening to your own inner wild. She does this by guiding others to use their body through yoga and various movement practices so that they can experience their own inner wild.


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