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Timbrel Chyatee was recently interviewed for an up and coming Indian blog focusing on empowering women. The interview was a brief synopsis about Timbrel, her passion to empower women and why she is so passionate about Lush Bazaar.

Attached is her interview, to read more please check out their link: Timbrel Chyatee Interview.

When I was first introduced to Timbrel Chyatee Adidala, I had no idea who she was, except that we only had a lot of friends in common. It wasn’t until after seeing numerous updates on her social media accounts and a bit of researching for this little digital tête-à-tête, did I realize what an incredible person she truly is.

Timbrel Chyatee Adidala is a kind, humble, generous and extremely talented person. She wears a 1000 watt smile that shows off her enthusiasm and zest for life. She plays the roles of a daughter and sister to the tee but most of all; plays the role of a mother and boss when it comes to her baby – LUSH BAZAAR.

Ask her how the idea of starting a company like Lush Bazaar came about and she’ll say that it was a very small goal to help change one woman’s life. “Lush Bazaar was just a pipe dream I started when I moved to India to help underprivileged women gain their confidence and grasp being independent. My first employee was a 24-year-old widowed mother of two who was trying to provide for her children and pay off the large debt her abusive, alcoholic husband left for her. Many of my employees have similar stories and a heart to change their circumstances”, she says.

Through this label, she works with underprivileged women and single moms who live in India to help them make the most of their talent.

Timbrel says, “The heart and soul of my company is to use fashion as not only a form of identity but empowerment and inspiration”.

Her designs are all about “The art of fusion”. This has been the story of her life from day one. “Being Indian but growing up in America, I always tried to mix the best of both cultures to reflect who I am, whether it was in my sense of fashion, food or personal growth. I want to be able to share my story of unity, fusion, and beauty through my clothing. And with the skills of my talented team, I am able to achieve that goal and add a little extra love by showcasing their art or empowerment with every stitch.Together we are creating art, like a wall covered in graffiti”.

Speaking of going back to her roots, Timbrel has been influenced by a lot of the women around her. She admits that she finds herself very blessed to be raised by very strong women, especially her grandmothers and mother. “They all taught me so many different things, but one thing remains the same, never giving up on yourself or on the strength you have to make a positive difference in the world, no matter how big or small”, she adds. Suffice to say that it comes down to what we make of the lessons taught to us by our parents or grandparents.

For Timbrel it is that very strength that got her through the tough times, especially when her India office got burglarized. All the equipment they owned was taken, causing a stall in production and a huge monetary loss. She says, “Basically, losing it all made me feel like I was losing myself and my dream, which was not the case. After the shock of what had happened, I put myself back together, became the boss and friend my staff needed and reminded them not to give up and that with the lows come the bigger highs. They trusted me and I am so glad they did because I do not know what else I would have said to make them feel better. I believed in myself and believed in my team”.

At the end of the day, between running her label and working with underprivileged women, if there’s one thing that she takes back it is that she is proud of what she’s doing.

“Empowering women to better their lives helped me realize how to better my life. I realize every day how our world is slowly understanding the importance of investing in women and it makes me super proud to be part of this much-needed movement of unity, diversity, and equality!”

If “staying positive can do wonders” is not what you take back from this story then know that for Timbrel, while there may be a monetary setback, she has never stopped giving up nor dreaming. She hopes to take Lush Bazaar to another level by making her products available not just in the UK and US, but all over the world.

Wishing Timbrel and the Lush Bazaar team all the luck and love, 

until the next story,

Team TLMC ❤


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Original post by Lush Bazaar can be read at http://lushbazaar.com/timbrel-chyatee-interviewed-for-the-lass-mile/.


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